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Mar 4

Can you have thyroid or parathyroid surgery without the neck scar?

Yes, it is possible to have thyroid or parathyroid surgery without leaving a neck scar. There are robotic techniques that are being performed in some surgery centers that perform surgery in a way that does not leave a neck scar. These robotic techniques will still leave a scar, but it will be along the axilla, which is located by the armpit. An additional incision is sometimes required on the chest as well.

With these robotic surgical techniques, a practitioner tunnels up to the neck and then takes the thyroid out robotically. Transaxillary robotic assisted thyroid surgery is not currently a widely accepted practice, but there are practitioners performing it.

Dr. Kroeker believes that it is always valuable to look at new approaches to surgery. Robotic thyroidectomy originated in South Korea and there are some surgeons in the United States who have adopted the technique, while some surgeons have abandoned it.

Other doctors have performed thyroid surgery through a facelift incision and then tunneled down to the neck to remove the thyroid.

Dr. Kroeker believes that the easiest and safest approach is still to make a small incision on the neck, but there are techniques that do not require an incision on the neck and Dr. Kroeker suggests that any patient interested in these alternative techniques research them thoroughly before making a final decision.

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