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What to look for in a thyroid or parathyroid surgeon?

Look for Experience

When you’re looking for a thyroid or parathyroid surgeon, you want to find someone who does a lot of thyroid and parathyroid surgeries and is experienced with the particular type of surgery you need. You also need to find out what the surgeon’s personal complication rates are when it comes to nerve injury, hypoparathyroidism, and bleeding. Finding a thyroid and parathyroid surgeon with a lot of experience, low complication rates, and excellent results assures that they will know what to do given any situation that arises during surgery.

Specialization Helps in Understanding Variance

A great thyroid and parathyroid surgeon will have done so many surgeries that they know intimately the anatomy of the head and neck and where each nerve is at. This is important because every thyroid and parathyroid surgery is different. There will be variance, as nerves are not always in the same place, nor are parathyroid glands—these things vary with every patient. When you select a surgeon who specializes in and does a lot of thyroid and parathyroid surgeries, you can be assured that they will understand and know how to handle any variance that might arise during surgery.

Meticulous Focus Reduces Risk

An experienced surgeon is able to limit the risks of an operation. A head and neck surgeon who is meticulous and focused is key. Dr. Kroeker has a long track record of having these qualities and has performed hundreds of parathyroid and thyroid surgeries, including extensive neck dissections in the central and lateral neck for metastatic thyroid cancer.

Helpful Thyroid and Endocrine Associations

When selecting a thyroid or parathyroid surgeon, some helpful organizations are:

Dr. Teresa Kroeker is a member of both of these associations, which are dedicated to the advancement of management of thyroid disease and the science and art of endocrine surgery.