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Do you ever suggest use of different thyroid hormone replacement drug options to find what works best?

No, Dr. Kroeker typically leaves thyroid hormone replacement drug options to an endocrinologist, given that is their specialty.

There are many options (including holistic) when it comes to thyroid hormone replacements. The most common thyroid hormone replacement is T4, which is Synthroid, and that is what Dr. Kroeker will most often use after surgery.

If a patient tells Dr. Kroeker that they have a strong interest in using a different kind of thyroid hormone replacement, Dr. Kroeker will typically refer them back to their endocrinologist to better understand all of the details of the replacement option and how to properly regulate it.

There are many options when it comes to thyroid hormone replacement and different things work well for different people. This is why Dr. Kroeker always suggests patients to sit down and discuss these options with their endocrinologist, or whoever will be monitoring their hormone levels.