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Who is a part of Dr. Kroeker’s thyroid surgical team?

During the course of your thyroid or parathyroid surgery appointments, patients will meet several people that work closely with Dr. Kroeker to assure an easy and successful surgery and experience for every patient.

The first person you will likely meet is Lori. Lori is at the front desk. Lori does everything in the office—she answers the phones, she greets the patients when they come in, she puts them in the room, she handles any scheduling. Lori is who patients will speak to regarding when they want to do a surgery, as well as when they want to schedule their follow up appointment with Dr. Kroeker following surgery. Lori is Dr. Kroeker’s go-to woman for running the office—billing, estimates on cost of surgery, you name it, Lori can handle it.

From time to time, Dr. Kroeker will have medical students shadowing her in her office. Patients may meet these medical students in the clinic and also may see them at the hospital on the day of surgery. The medical student will just shadow Dr. Kroeker into the operating room and she teaches them about thyroid disease, but they do not do any part of the surgery. They are only there to observe.

In the surgery room, a patient will meet their anesthesiologist and sometimes a CRNA (Certified Nurse Anesthetist), who will do the anesthesia alongside the anesthesiologist. Patients will also meet an OR nurse, who is in the operating room to get any equipment that Dr. Kroeker needs and to notify the family of progress and let them know that everything is going well.

Patients will also meet a scrub nurse in the OR, who will assist Dr. Kroeker in handling of all surgical instruments.