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How does Dr. Teresa Kroeker keep the right mindset before and after thyroid surgery?

Dr. Kroeker was a college athlete and still has that same pre-game feeling before every surgery. It’s that attitude that all athletes and experts at the top of their field have—you learn to just focus your mind and get to the business at hand, winning.

No matter what has been going on during the day, a great athlete, a great surgeon, anyone that is ever great at anything, knows how to shut out stress or outside influence and get into a zone that allows for the best possible results. A great surgeon knows how to prepare themselves mentally, to get in the zone that allows them to excel. Dr. Kroeker approaches every single surgery with this mindset.

Even though Dr. Kroeker is no longer suiting up for her college basketball team, she walks out of the surgery locker room with that same feeling of intensity about achieving the end goal. For her, winning, now, is a successful, safe surgery.

Dr. Kroeker played basketball as a top athlete since she was in the first grade. For her, sports helped her develop a strong work ethic and dedication to a goal. It showed her how to train her focus on an end result and achieve it with expert precision time and time again. Being a top athlete translates rather seamlessly into being a top surgeon. There are a lot of similarities—hand eye coordination, using both hands, the way you move your feet around the OR table, how you are constantly positioning yourself to perform your best, the mental challenges, working successfully with a team—all of these things translate into a successful surgeon. No matter what happens in the operating room, you stay focused, you stay intense, and you get the job done.

To have a successful surgery, it’s not just the surgeon that has to be at their best, but everyone in the operating room. A successful surgeon knows how to play the part of the Team Captain. When Dr. Kroeker performs a surgery, this is the role she takes on—she is the Captain. Having so much experience in leadership throughout her entire life as an athlete, coupled with so much experience in leadership throughout her career as a surgeon has allowed Dr. Kroeker to stay at the top of her game as one of the top thyroid, parathyroid, head and neck surgeons in Texas.