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Dec 21

Does nutrition factor into a successful thyroid or parathyroid surgery? Do I need to change my eating habits?

Your nutrition months prior to surgery will affect your wound healing and your recovery. The better your nutrition is prior to surgery, the better you will heal and the faster you will recover.

Dec 19

Are there any foods or supplements that might help me recover faster from thyroid surgery?

Good nutrition prior to and after surgery is key to good wound healing and recovering after surgery. Eating whole foods and avoiding processed and refined foods will help promote health and healing. Being in good physical shape prior to surgery will also speed your recovery.

Dec 17

How do you assess the risks of a particular thyroid or parathyroid case and patient and assure success?

A patient with multiple medical problems may be at higher risk for a general anesthetic during thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Dr. Kroeker may ask for a preoperative consultation with a hospitalist to see if any of the medical issues need to be optimized or should prevent the patient from undergoing a general anesthetic. A personal call from Dr. Kroeker to the patient’s cardiologist or pulmonologist is sometimes required to ensure a safe thyroid/parathyroid surgery and postoperative hospital stay.

Dec 16

What is Low Serum Calcium and how can it be avoided?

During a total thyroidectomy, the parathyroid glands must be carefully dissected away from the capsule of the thyroid gland and preserved. There is a small chance that the parathyroid glands will stop functioning after this dissection. Parathyroid hormone is what keeps our serum calcium level normal, therefore if the parathyroid hormone decreases, your serum calcium level decreases. You need a normal serum calcium level for your body to function- especially for normal muscle contraction. Gentle, careful dissection of the parathyroid glands from the capsule of the thyroid gland is all that can be done to avoid hypocalcemia after surgery.